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Hello Public Health Students! Beginning Spring 2017 this blog is replacing the prior undergraduate blog (hsadvising.blogspot.com). The old HS blog will remain available for historical purposes, however, ALL new information will be posted here. You can find information on academic and course planning, forms, dates and deadlines, department advising times, and more. Faculty advisors will use this page to share program information and advising support.

While the layout of this new space is different, the information will be just as useful. To help you navigate through the posts categories will be used and you can easily search categories for information that you need.

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Advising Forms Explained: Health Science Minor Form

The Health Science Minor Form is required for students who are applying for graduation and declared in the HS Minor or for students who want to declare the HS minor and have already earned more than 90 units.

The form is a fillable PDF but should downloaded and saved to your personal device before inputting information.  The form is accessible for download here – https://goo.gl/RwtaH8.

Advising Forms Explained: Health Science Major Forms

The department Major Forms are used for official course planning and submitted with graduation applications.  Students who are making changes to a declared academic plan with more than 90 units earned will also need to complete a major form for the desired major.  To use the fillable PDF form, please download and save the form to your device before inputting your information.

You want to complete this form according to courses completed on your transcripts – at SJSU and any transfer courses – and then project on courses that are still in the future.   You should not have blank spaces on this form.

Use the form that matches your declared major – either BS in HS with a minor or electives https://goo.gl/UOYdzS – or the concentration in Health Services Administration https://goo.gl/OA4vRo.

If you have questions about completing this form, please see a peer or faculty advisor.

Advising Forms Explained: Health Science Advising Forms

HS Advising Forms are intended to be used by advisors and students to support academic planning. These forms are not official and do not represent department or university approval of course completion or progression.   The forms are fillable PDF’s, but you must first download and save the form to your device before your work can be adequately saved and retrieved.

Download the Advising Form the basic bachelor in Health Science here – https://goo.gl/tyypAH

Download the Advising Form for the Health Services Administration Concentration here – https://goo.gl/nxlgTM

Using these forms is a helpful way of mapping your course progression.   Once you download the form, please read it and pay particular attention to pre and co-requisites, semester availability and unit expectations.

For additional information on course planning and course progression you may want to consult the program Roadmaps – available here –http://www.sjsu.edu/advising/roadmaps/– the program curriculum in the catalog – available here – http://info.sjsu.edu/web-dbgen/catalog/departments/HS.html, and GE Course requirements – available here – http://www.sjsu.edu/advising/resources/ge_info/.


Here are some quick notes on how to use the advising forms that may help you get started.  If you have additional questions, this is a great place to start with a faculty or peer advisor.

BS in HS with a minor or UD Electives


BS in HS with Health Services Administration Concentration – in addition to all prior notes and course planning considerations.


Advising Forms: University Forms Available Online

University forms are typically available from three different sources depending on the form that is needed.  Here are the most commonly needed forms for undergraduate students.

The Registrar has the most frequently used forms, such as:  Graduation Application, Name Change, Excess Unit Petition, Open University Petition, and Substitution Forms.  Following is the link to access the registrar forms http://www.sjsu.edu/registrar/forms/

Academic Advising and Retention Services (AARS) has forms for course drops and withdrawals and Change of Major/Minor Forms.  Here is the link to the AARS forms page –  http://www.sjsu.edu/aars/forms/

Undergraduate Studies has forms for enrolling in SJSU Studies courses while still in LD standing and forms for returning students.  Here is the direct link to access the Undergraduate Studies forms http://www.sjsu.edu/gup/allForms/index.html