Brown, Kevina (Housing-Organization) is Stepping Beyond

“I would like to thank Kevina Brown for being so kind and helpful during orientation. Due to a scheduling issue,we had to move the event to outside on the plaza on short notice and it was very hot out there. She helped us get a tent, chairs and water. Her help made the day go much easier and kept us cool.” –Jen Kraskouskas

Stoyanova, Ivelina (Enterprise Systems) is Stepping Beyond

“Ivelina went above and beyond when I was tasked with loading new data and running processes in order to go live with an important project which affected a large population of students. We ran into multiple issues that needed attention and some possible ‘workarounds’. Ivelina put important projects aside to help come up with quick solutions for me and I met my deadline. She was a life saver! Thank you, Ivelina!!” — Anonymous

“Ivelina recently helped research, test and implement changes to the Academic Organization tree on the student side of MySJSU. It does not seem like much but neither of us had any experience updating the tree. Ivelina researched PeopleBooks on process and security needs. She contacted the Chancellor’s Office to make sure that we considered every aspect before making the changes. Since classes were already scheduled for fall and enrollment had already occurred, correct changes are imperative. These changes could potentially impact thousands of students in these departments and many faculty. Without her help the project would have been much more difficult. With her guidance the project was a success.” — Nancy Day

Struve, Audrey (Art and Art History) is Stepping Beyond

“We have amazing department schedulers across campus, but I wanted to take a moment to thank Audrey for her excellent work that she performs with the School of Art and their schedule of classes. She always is cheerful and goes out of her way to make sure that her classes are established and monitored correctly. She has a wonderful, friendly personality that comes across to staff, faculty and students.” — Carey Netzloff

Tello, Zaynna (Office of the President) is Stepping Beyond

“Zaynna has been extremely helpful, above and beyond the call of duty, with all aspects of my onboarding as a new SJSU staff member. She has been proactive, resourceful, and very efficient in identifying and addressing my needs; those that I knew I had and those that I didn’t. THANK YOU, Zaynna! You are definitely a Spartan who is stepping above and beyond.” –Anonymous

Nguyen, Lien (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

“For her patience alone, Lien should be nominated for Spartans Stepping Beyond; but, she actually did so much more than that. Without a single exaggeration, I believe that I must have asked at least 15 questions of Lien throughout today, through at least 3 different e-mail chains. She not only helped me by answering every question and explaining the processes when needed, she did so with a smile in her e-mails. If I was driving her crazy, she gave no impression of it. Thank you, Lien, for being the most helpful, most supportive, and most excellent representative of a Spartan!” –Sonja Bowsky