Wood, Darcel (Office of the Registrar) is Stepping Beyond

“Darcel has been a superstar who is always willing to go above and beyond to help me and students. I really appreciate how easygoing she is. I often reach out to her in a moment of panic and she calmly assists me and never leaves me feeling like I am bothering her.  I want to recognize how great of a colleague she is and how much she is valued for the great work she does.” — Anthony Bettencourt

Hoekwater, Jordan (Student) is Stepping Beyond

“Jordan was amazing. I was running a campus wide committee meeting with consultants that were coming in from out of town. We had about 40 people in the room. At about 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting, the consultant wanted to ‘zoom’ in another consultant that would need to be able to hear everyone in the room and talk back through the PA system in the room. This would include hooking up multiple laptop computers to the LCD projector and also using audio in and out cables and amplifiers fore and aft. When we asked Jordan this, he stood silently for about 20 seconds and said ‘we can do it’. In a whirlwind he was in and out of the room, enlisting other AV staff members to set the room up with approximately 6 mics and hook ups on 2 laptops. It was amazing. He got the whole setup done in less than 6 minutes. We started on time. Jordan went above and beyond for sure and our meeting could not have happened without his quick thinking and quicker setup prowess. Thank you Jordan …actually, I should say ‘sorry’ for foisting this info on you at the last minute, and thank you for ‘rolling’ with it. Peace.” — Craig John Alimo, Ph.D.

Kraskouskas, Jen (Bursar’s Office) is Stepping Beyond

“She always is encouraging in the work place as well as kind. She is very patient and reasoning with students who have difficult questions. I know I can always go to her if I ever need help and not feel like a bother. She is a great person to work with and as a manager.” –Hannah Davidson

Brown, Kevina (Housing-Organization) is Stepping Beyond

“I would like to thank Kevina Brown for being so kind and helpful during orientation. Due to a scheduling issue,we had to move the event to outside on the plaza on short notice and it was very hot out there. She helped us get a tent, chairs and water. Her help made the day go much easier and kept us cool.” –Jen Kraskouskas

Stoyanova, Ivelina (Enterprise Systems) is Stepping Beyond

“Ivelina went above and beyond when I was tasked with loading new data and running processes in order to go live with an important project which affected a large population of students. We ran into multiple issues that needed attention and some possible ‘workarounds’. Ivelina put important projects aside to help come up with quick solutions for me and I met my deadline. She was a life saver! Thank you, Ivelina!!” — Anonymous

“Ivelina recently helped research, test and implement changes to the Academic Organization tree on the student side of MySJSU. It does not seem like much but neither of us had any experience updating the tree. Ivelina researched PeopleBooks on process and security needs. She contacted the Chancellor’s Office to make sure that we considered every aspect before making the changes. Since classes were already scheduled for fall and enrollment had already occurred, correct changes are imperative. These changes could potentially impact thousands of students in these departments and many faculty. Without her help the project would have been much more difficult. With her guidance the project was a success.” — Nancy Day