Beard, Mike (Ground) is Stepping Beyond

“As a staff member on campus for over 10 years, I have been using most of my breaks for walking. About 6 months ago, I was delightfully surprised to receive a big, bright smile and a wave from a staff member driving an orange cart while I was taking a walk. He was a complete stranger to me. I waved back thinking he may have thought I was someone else. I soon realized this gentleman was not waving and smiling to me and my coworker on accident. Multiple times a week, I am lucky enough to see Mike Beard’s genuinely warm and friendly face. He makes a point to wave to my coworker and I and tell us to ‘Have a good day.” I have never met someone who consistently spreads cheer to those around them every day, all day, especially while working! Mike Beard has made a difference in my life. With a simple wave and hello, he cheers me up when I see him. With so much negativity in the world today, Mike’s friendly energy is a much needed change. I hope we can all learn from him and spread more cheer and friendliness across campus. Thanks Mike! You’re a gem!” —¬†Karen Eul 10/20/2017

“I don’t work directly with Mike but my colleagues and I see him on campus all the time and he is the most positive, polite, and caring person. He is always saying hi to everyone, picking up litter when he sees something on the ground, and saying the most positive comments to people walking by. We need more positivity like this on campus!” —¬†Anonymous 7/21/2017

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