Reuter, Diana (Office of the Registrar) is Stepping Beyond

“I needed some paperwork to be filled out which was time sensitive and I spoke with someone and faxed it on Friday 2/19 and scheduled to pick it up on Monday. When I went in on Monday the forms were no where to be found so I made another copy and turned it again to be picked up on Wednesday, my only other day on campus. When I went to pick it up they said they could not find the forms and they may be in someone’s office which is locked. I explained how important these documents were and that this would now be my third attempt to get them filed out and Diana immediately responded with urgency. She assured me if I get a copy to her that she would fill them out herself and have them for me within a few hours. I let her know I would be able to pick them up on on break from class and sure enough she had them complete. Thanks to her going above and beyond and filing the papers out right away instead of having me wait another day I was able to submit my documents on time. This means a great deal to me because it could potentially help me succeed academically, especially if I get approved for this program that I was able to submit my documents to. I can’t thank Diana Rueter enough!” — Anonymous

“Diana is a great team member to the Office of the Registrar’s staff. I feel like she wants to truly help students with their questions/concerns. She treats us students with great care and respect for our education. I am glad that there is a person like her because now I know that I am valued as a student at SJSU.” — Anonymous

Since Diana was hired to the department, she goes above and beyond in finding ways to help the students. She communicates and expresses herself well to students she served and had amazing feedback from students through our text and tell program. She stands out as a leader who isn’t afraid of standing up for wrong practices. I am honored to nominate Diana because she possesses everything, if not more what a Spartan should be. She is helpful, consistent, caring, a fast learner and a team player. She is dependable and a trust worthy employee. She represents SJSU well. We are extremely lucky to have her.” — Jackie Nguyen

She helped me in so many ways! She promptly followed up with me regarding an important document and worked quickly with me to ensure I could turn everything in on time. Instead of just pushing me aside she was so helpful and really made me feel like she cared! She saved my whole semester!! ” — Alyssa del Rosario

Diana is always willing to answer questions that students may have and was willing to help and support her colleagues when they had questions.” — Peter Lee

Diana is great at helping students. She has customer service in mind and always keeps up with our high demand & high volume of workload in our office. We always get a 5 star rate students’ text & tell for her service. She is a great team player & willing to step in to help the team finishing up the tasks on time. She is very pleasant to work with.” —  Sally ordonez

They made the final step in declaring my minor very easy.” — Anonymous

She is stepping beyond because she’s always helpful when talking to students on the phone and in person at the counter. She gets her job done in an efficient manner and she is always friendly with a smile on her face. She truly cares about helping students and doing her job to the best capability. Diana is a really nice person to work with, with a can do work attitude. ” — Anonymous

Always available to help a student for anything.” — Anonymous

“Diana is great at helping students. She has a customer service mind and always keeps up with our high demand and high volume of workload in our office. She has been getting many 5 star ratings from students’ text and tell for her service. She is a great team player and is willing to step in to help the team finish up the tasks at hand. I find her very pleasant to work with.” — Sally Ordonez

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