Holiday Informal Time Off on Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Dear Faculty and Staff,

The Governor has continued the practice of granting time off with pay in celebration of the holidays.

Pursuant to Title 5, Section 42729, I am granting additional informal time off.  Therefore, the University will be closed all day on Wednesday, December 24, 2014. Details about implementation of this time off are provided below.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service to the University. My wife and I wish you a very happy and safe holiday season.


Mo Qayoumi



Implementation of informal time off:

Employees currently scheduled to work on Wednesday, December 24 will enjoy the gift of informal time off while the campus is closed.

Managers should handle variations, if any, for individual employees using the guidelines listed below.

Monthly Rate Employees:

Full-time exempt and non-exempt employees required to work on Wednesday, December 24 or who would be scheduled to work but are on vacation, sick leave, or CTO may be granted the equivalent informal time off prior to June 30, 2015. This time shall not be considered CTO and is not compensable in cash. Less than full-time employees should be provided informal time off on a pro-rata basis.

Hourly Employees:

Hourly employees other than those in Class Codes 1150, 1151, 1868, 1870, 1871, 1872, 1874, 1875, 1876, 7171, 7172, and 7930 should be permitted informal time off based on the following table provided that the employee is scheduled to work on the campus’ last work day prior to the observance of the holiday closure (Tuesday, December 23) and is still on the active payroll status on that date (has not or will not be separated with a prior effective date):

Hours Scheduled in December Pay Period                 Hours Off

1 – 43                                                                           1

44 – 87                                                                        2

88 or more                                                                    4

Scheduling of informal time off should be managed in such a way as to minimize disruption to campus operations.

Absence Management: 

Informal holiday time off does not need to be reported in Absence Management. It is the responsibility of individual departments to define how an employee should communicate to their supervisor regarding their request for informal time off on a day other than December 24, 2014.

December 2014 Pay Day:

Human Resources will be open from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm on Friday, January 2, 2015 for employees who wish to pick up their December paycheck. Employees must bring a photo ID and may only pick up their own check. Department contacts can pick up paychecks when the campus reopens on January 5, 2015 from 9:00 am – 11:00 am.

If you have any questions please contact Anita Vasquez, Manager, Payroll and Benefits, at 408.924.2271.

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