Biometric Screenings in HR


“On November 14, we have partnered with Anthem Blue Cross to do free biometric screenings. Knowing your “health numbers” can help you take charge of your well-being. It only takes 15-20 minutes to get these non-fasting screenings: cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, and bmi. At the end of the 15-20 minute appointment you will have all of your results.

All benefits eligible SJSU employees are invited to the free testing on ​Friday, ​November 14​ from 8:​3​0 am to 4:​3​0 pm in ​Clark 547. ​Just follow these steps to make your appointment:

  1. ​Go to https://​​​
  2. Click on “Sign-up Now!”
  3. Enter the invitation code: CalPERSbio2014​ (type do not copy and paste)

If any of your numbers are very high, they will ask you to visit your physician for further testing. Knowing your “health numbers” will decrease the risk of major chronic diseases and increase your odds for health and longevity.”


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