“Our Promise: California State Employees Giving At Work” Campaign


Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work is an employee benefit for those who would like to donate to charity through the convenience of payroll deduction. There are thousands of nonprofits listed in the Donor Resource Guide or donors may give to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit by utilizing the “Write-In Organization” section of the Our Promise pledge form. Payroll deduction donations start for as little as $5 per month.

Pledge forms were distributed to departments with the October 1 payroll.  If you did not receive a pledge form, you may find one online.
To find the form online, navigate to:

1.    www.OurPromiseCA.org

2.    At the top of the menu>> Click Donor Resources

3.    Left hand menu>> Click Donate

4.    Under Donate Now >> Download the Our Promise Pledge Form

5.    Fill out Sections A-D

6.    Select how you would like to donate

Print, sign, and return forms to Human Resources (0046) – Michaux Burchard

Q1)   If I received a pledge form and have no existing or no new donation, do I have to return the form?

A1)   No. There is no place on the form for declining to participate, as such it does not have to be signed and returned. The form should only be completed and returned for the actions listed in sections #1 -7 of the form.

Q2)  If a charitable organization is not designated, where does the money go?  

A2).  It will be allocated to SJSU’s local Principal Combined Fund Drive, United Way Silicon Valley. They would in turn allocate donations to our nonprofit strategic partners who support critical community needs.

Q3)  What information is needed when submitting a personal check donation: 

A3) Refer to section #6 on the form. Make checks payable to CSECC. Social Security Numbers are not necessary for check donations, only payroll deduction donations. Complete section 8 and 11 only if you would like to designate a charitable organization for your personal check donation, otherwise your donation will go to United Way Silicon Valley.

Q4)  Where and when do we return completed pledge forms?

A4)  Completed pledge forms can be returned to HR Attn: Michaux, preferably by the end of October, but they can be turned in as late as November 28.

For additional questions regarding “Our Promise” charitable campaign, please contact Michaux Burchard, HR Analyst, at 408-924-2155.

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