Donohue, Michael “MJ” (UA -Development) is Stepping Beyond


“Yesterday, MJ was heading into the welcome speech and ran into Gus Lease.  He didn’t know at the time who it was, just realized he was an elderly gentleman who couldn’t get up the stairs and the elevators were down.  Gus said to MJ, “I’ve never missed one of these, ever,” lamenting the fact that he would miss his first in a billion years.  At that moment, Mo came by and had a brief exchange with Gus who apologized for missing the talk.  MJ looked at Mo and said “I’ll get him up there.”  MJ then proceeded to get a desk chair with wheels and wheel Gus down to the other end of the Union where another functioning elevator is located and got him up into the ballroom just in time.  Then, when the speech was done, MJ made sure Gus got back down the stairs.” –Anonymous

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