Holmes, Christine (MLK Library) is Stepping Beyond


“Christine Holmes and the Digital Futures Advisory Council (DFAC) created an online course in canvas, Library TLC (Technology Learning Center) that supports library staff and faculty in learning the latest technologies. The DFAC group created seven modules and opened the modules during the Spring 2014 semester.  DFAC members: Rae Ann Stahl, Linda Crotty, Christina Mune, Laurel Eby, Sharon Thompson, Neil Ordinario, Altaful Khan

TLC Modules:
Getting to Know Canvas- Introduction to Canvas
@ Our Library- From A – Z, 40 products and services that are used every day in our library
Query with Qualtrics- How to create surveys and analyze the results with Qualtrics
Go! Go! Google Apps- Learn about Google Applications
Kaboom! Big Data- What does big data mean to the library? How can we benefit from big data?
Shiny Cool Tools- Learn about free online tools for work
Professional Development
Policies and Procedures- Learn about travel procedures” –Adriana Poo

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