Ingalla, Andrei (Registrar’s Office) is Stepping Beyond (6)

“Andrei has been a “go to” person with thorough knowledge of the
procedures in our Department.  He never feels burdensome to explain the
myriad of miscellaneous questions coming from staff members and or
provide detail screenshots of business processes. I truly admire his
patience & passion in serving students and colleagues. Andrei is one
of the most dedicated and resourceful individuals in our office and that
trait has been consistent in the last six years I have been employed at
SJSU. He has been constantly engaged in several projects and
assignments without complaining. In fact, several of the staff members
in the Registrar’s office have been known to call him “Superman”.” –Anonymous

“He is competent not only in his job duties but, extremely knowledgeable in the functions and business processes of the Registrar’s unit. It is very valuable to have that one person in a unit that everybody can go to for quick and accurate assistance. Andrei is that individual!  He has never failed this unit and the problems that he addresses are above and beyond the scope of his primary duties. Andrei has certainly stepped beyond and is deserving of this recognition.” –Brenda Austrie-Cannaday

“Andrei is ALWAYS friendly, helpful, and quick to respond.  If he doesn’t know the answer he will find it, and if he’s unsure of the process, he will find a way to make it happen.  He is attentive to the needs of students and colleagues.  I appreciate him as a fellow Student Affairs professional!” –Demerris Brooks

“I feel so fortunate to work directly under Andrei Ingalla, as he is the definition of excellence. Motivated by the success of others, Andrei serves as a humble and compassionate leader. Although smart and technologically advanced, Andrei never makes one feel inferior. His quiet demeanor gives him the ability to teach without pretension and allows approach without fear. He is patient, kind, and loyal. Above all, Andrei is a problem-solver, leaving no task untamed, no challenge unmet.

Andrei is undoubtedly the best manager I’ve ever had and will continue to be an invaluable asset to this institution. I feel honored and privileged to have him as a mentor. It is clear that Andrei excels in every role he assumes and is an inspiration to us all.” –Rachel Schuler

“While I have not worked directly with Andrei on a one-to-one basis here at the Registrar’s office, I have had the pleasure of witnessing his dedication and care to many of our other staff members.  When I do have questions in regard to the Undergraduate Graduation issues, Andrei has always replied quickly with cheerfulness, patience, flexibility, diligence, dedication, humbleness, conscientiousness and care as he does with all other staff members.   With his awesome personality, Andrei works well with many different people of diversity he comes in contact with on a daily basis throughout his 13 year career at San Jose State University.  I admire his enthusiasm and his “will do” and “can do” attitude.” –Aggie Wong

“I learned while working with Andrei in the Veteran’€™s office just how
much of an asset he is in regard to the value of support to our staff
and students.  The processes and conversion between different programs
available by the state and federal government to our veterans can be
complex and confusing.  I am very appreciative to have been able to work
with Andrei in learning just how complex the programs could be and the
diligence required keeping up with all the incoming documents, student
special request, incoming/outgoing outreach calls, ongoing certification
requirements as students schedules constantly change, and other
requirements for that position.  I enjoyed watching Andrei give special
attention to our veterans on several specific one-on-one situations that
required a very special skill to manage.  I also enjoyed hearing how
many of them appreciated Andrei’s caring attitude and support while they
progressed through their degree here at SJSU.  Parents would often come
by the office looking for Andrei just to say “Thank you” for the
support to their children.  Even at the event I attended at San Jose
City-many attendees there brought up how much they appreciate Andrei and  his outreach efforts to other campuses.   Because I relied on Andrei
the entire time while covering the Veteran’€™s requirements, I am truly
thankful for his patience with me and am honored to nominate him for
this very special award.” –Debbie Cortez


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