Wilderman, Lilly (Mechanical Engineering) is Stepping Beyond (2)


“Lilly is the Administrative Coordinator for the Department of Mechanical Engineering.  She is the only administrative staff employee serving the department’s 789 students (headcount of 693 undergraduate, 96 graduate).  Up through the 2013 organizational restructuring, she further supported the Aerospace Engineering program as well.  Nearly 50% of the full-time equivalent faculty are part-time lecturers, so she further serves a large number of lecturers as well.  Lilly helps with academic advising, mentors student assistants, and is very supportive of student organizations.  Among department faculty and staff she is very often the first one to arrive in the morning and the last one to leave in the evening.” –Anonymous

“For continued support of the SJSU Formula SAE team.  Staying late to help us with issues we encounter, being the first one to stand up and assist us.  Giving us valuable insight, etc.” –Vincenzo Donatini

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