Ayala, Nicholas (Associated Students) is Stepping Beyond


“Nicholas has been an inspiration and mentor to many students. It is his determination and aspirations that attract students to look up to him. As the President of Associated Students, Ayala has implemented Campus To The City which he came up with on his own and the purpose for this is to increase Spartan Pride, build a stronger community on and off campus, and build a safer environment for our city. After countless meetings with the city, companies, and on campus departments Ayala has pushed the paintings and decals for all street frames to start this May instead of Spring of 2015. On top of that, Ayala has been working with Spartan Shops to implement a more sufficient method for students to order food at a faster and convenient pace. Qmi, his company is sponsoring their company in our new Student Union, at no cost, he believes because SJSU has given him so much he wants to give back to the students. Ayala has gone above and beyond in not only his professional life as President, but personally by building relationships and connections with the city to sponsor SJSU events, services, and recognition. Ayala has put in 100% of his time and energy to the current board and Associated Students by connecting with each individual like no other president has ever done in the past in the history of Associated Students. I only heard great things about him and many employers and staff members have said Ayala is the best president A.S. has ever had.” –Anonymous

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