Capizzi, Lorri (Counselor Education) is Stepping Beyond (5)

“Lorri routinely brings a spirit of encouragement and a belief in innate worth and intellectual capability to her students.  She coordinates and teaches the first year course, EDCO 004: Personal, Academic and Career Exploration.  She treats her students as if they are ready to reflect on their skills and goals, to develop a strategy, and to engage in the difficult work of achieving them; and they respond by rising to her challenge.  She spends extraordinary amounts of time making herself available and reaching out to students, especially those having difficulty adjusting to SJSU.  I am convinced she single-handedly increases the retention rates.” — Jason Laker

“As a lecturer, she authored a new course proposal and helped various coordination task with pay or without for many years.” –Xiaolu Hu

“Very supportive and encouraging to team of lecturers teaching EDCO 004.  Always open to new ideas.  No ego involved.  Always looking out for the best interest of our students and making our course and department excellent.” –Anonymous

“Lorri is by far the most caring teacher I’ve ever worked with.  She not only cares for her students, but has a passionate drive to ensure the greatest chance of success for each and every one of them.” –Anonymous

“Lorri, was graduated with her M.A. from the Department of Counselor
Education in 1998 to be a lecturer for EDCO 004 Personal, Academic and
Career Exploration course for undergraduate (Exploration of self and
application of personal decision-making). She successfully led the
department through the General Education approval process for EDCO 004
Area E: Human Understanding and Development.

She has helped the Department as the Fulbright Scholar Project Manager.
She became the Program Manager for the 15 million dollar GEAR UP

She is the Field Site Supervisor Coordinator for the Department, a
position for which she does not receive pay. She volunteers as Juvenile
Dependency Specialty Court, Superior Court of Santa Clara County, San
Jose, CA.  She has been on the Guardian Scholars Selection Committee
Member and the Counselor Education Advisory Board Committee Coordinator

She has been recognized with the Aspire Teaching Recognition Award, and
the Provost Faculty Recognition for Advising Efforts for Undergraduate
Students twice. She won the EOP Excellence in Service and Teaching
Award, and the College of Education Dean’s Excellence Award.
She is actively involved in publishing and professional presentations.
She is enrolled in an Ed.D program in Educational Leadership, at San
Francisco State University. ” — Lewis Aptekar, Chair, Department of Counselor Education


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