Hong Kong Disneyland by Rafael Bettencourt

In Hong Kong, certain locations contain qualities that are significant to the neighborhood. Choi Hung estate was a location we previously visited, but due to bad weather, we were unable to enjoy the essence of the building. Each apartment is painted a different color and Choi Hung is known for their rainbow-patterned buildings. Once again, due to bad weather, we were unable to take pictures the first time, so we planned to return on June 17. On our return, we managed to take pictures that captured the significance of the building. After a few minutes of pictures, we were excited to attend Hong Kong Disneyland and experience Disney in a different location.

Once we arrived to Disneyland, I took the time to distinguish the differences between the location in the United States and the location in Hong Kong. The first thing I noticed was the price of the ticket. I was surprised to only pay $70 dollars for a Disneyland ticket. Usually, the price for a Disneyland ticket, in Anaheim, is around $200 dollars. Therefore, the price definitely raised some questions, but my excitement to experience a new Disneyland overshadowed my doubt.

When we entered Disneyland, the first thing I found similar was the Hyperspace Mountain ride. As we began to board, the ride attractions were different in Hong Kong. I noticed that the seats on the ride were way smaller than the usual ones in California. In addition, the rides were slower and each land only contained a few rides. Compared to the location in Anaheim, the Hong Kong Disney was half of that size, less rides and the food was also different.

When I attend Disneyland in Anaheim, I instantly look for the ever-famous turkey legs. Once I discovered that Hong Kong also sold turkey legs, I was on the hunt to find one for lunch. After countless walks around the park, I found what I was looking for, but was instantly surprised by the size of the leg. The turkey leg was really small and it came with gloves. Hygiene is a serious norm in Hong Kong and everything here is sanitized everyday. Therefore, the gloves were provided to prevent messy hands, when eating the turkey. I did not end up buying the turkey leg, but I did transition my efforts towards looking for a root beer float.

Unfortunately, Disneyland in Hong Kong did not have root-beer floats, but they did have coke floats. However, I craved a float with orange soda, which was not a familiar selection in Hong Kong Disney. Nevertheless, the cashier began to prepare my float, but this float was very different from the ones in the United States. The float consisted of mainly soda, with a half of scoop of ice cream. Usually, floats are made with lots of ice cream and less soda, but it was different here.

As our day came to an end, we reminisced the differences of the two Disneyland’s. We did notice that this Disneyland was smaller and can be easily explored in one day. Other than that, we noticed that the food selection in Hong Kong were limited to specific foods, while in Anaheim, there is a mass selection. Finally, the difference in rides was the seating space and the speeds of each ride. The seats in Hong Kong were smaller and each ride went slower than usual. All in all, Hong Kong Disney was an amazing experience that I would not forget.

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