Lin Hueng Restaurant in Tai O Fishing Village by Bianca Porras

After looking around for bit and taking in the beautiful sights of the big bay and houses on stilts, we can all agree that we were getting hungry.

From the outside, it didn’t look like much. There were some fish in a display window but we could not look inside. In fact, it seemed rather small to fit all 16 of us based on the appearance of the door, but we were so wrong. When we walked in we were greeted by lady and she sat us down at two tables right away. After we were all seated and comfortable Gabi ordered some food for us. We didn’t know how much she would order, but we would soon find out.

We started our course by rinsing our bowl, spoon, plate, and glass, and chopsticks in piping hot water. Soon afterwards our first dish came out. The hostess sit down a plate with vegetables, tofu, and what appeared to be fish bones. Gabi explained that this is what are soup broth was made of and we could also eat from the plate if we liked. While the soup looked creamy it defiantly tasted like seafood broth, and was extremely light and cleansing as to prepare of for all the food that was about to make its way to our tables.

Throughout our meal we were served noodles, seafood wonton dumplings, spicy green veggies mixed with pieces of squid, shrimp, and clams., fish cakes, mushrooms, jellyfish, steamed fish that was caught directly from the bay itself, and the list goes on and on. We were floored by the amount of food at our table and it was all delicious. However, there was one dish take took the top prize for most interesting, and that was the chicken.

Now this is not your average Chinese food from the states, that would be like comparing apples and oranges. No this is half a chicken, and when you order half a chicken they mean you get half of everything including the head. Gabi explained that if we were to order a whole one we would get all the parts and not just half. But like I mentioned earlier don’t let appearances fool you., because at our tables this was one of the most popular dishes. It was not fried or greasy, but rich in flavor. If your thinking by now, Hey! I want to check out this place! Then do so quickly because from what we were told by Gabi this place is retiring sometime is August. We were fortunate to be able to experience this place before that happens. The food was amazing, and by the time we were done we could no longer say we were hungry. Thanks Gabi for taking and sharing this place with us!

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