10 Top Reasons to Choose SJSU for Grad School

Deciding to continue your graduate education is a big step to take. Once you decide that you do, you have an even bigger question to answer – which school should I choose? The choice can be easier than you think – join our spartan community at San José State University. 

SJSU is right in the heart of the most interesting and vibrant professional area in the world – Silicon Valley. Being involved in research and innovation here means being involved in changing the world. We are in the heart and soul of change. There is no better place to make a difference, make connections and grow. You won’t find  another public college in the center of the action – and actively involved in it. 

SJSU offers students transformational opportunities both personal and professional. Take a look at our top 10 reasons why Grad School at SJSU is just the right choice for you and an excellent opportunity to advance your knowledge and succeed professionally

2022 College of Health and Human Sciences Commencement.

1. Over 120 programs to choose from 

SJSU has so much to offer. We have over 120 graduate programs. You will find the program just right for you – no matter the area of your interest. 

Learn more about all the Graduate Programs offered by SJSU: Graduate Programs 

2. SJSU – #1 Most Transformative University  

Let us brag a little. San Jose State University was named the #1 Most Transformative University by Money Magazine. For years now, SJSU has been placing on the top positions in many national rankings. 

Check out more about our achievements: Accomplishments 

3. Research Opportunities

Graduate education is a door to research.

SJSU offers all necessary resources, funding and mentorship. If interested, students have an opportunity to enter their research in multiple competitions – like an annual Grad Slam.

This year SJSU celebrated an inaugural “Research Week” – a week dedicated to exhibit and bring attention to faculty-, and student-led research projects. Great way to show off your dedication, connect with other scholars and get inspired.  

Learn more about research at SJSU: Research 

4. Location 

If the fact of attending a good, widely recognized school is not enough, consider our location. 

Let’s not forget about the other aspect of the location – Bay Area is simply the place to be. You will never be bored.. Explore beautiful San Francisco, visit historical sites, go to the beach, go hiking or camping, enjoy national parks within a couple hours away. Possibilities are endless. 

5. Events 

San Jose State hosts hundreds of events. You will have a chance to take part in professional events closely related to your area of study, general events supporting research in all the departments, job fairs, meeting with alumni, networking events with local employers, and finally many fun social meetings to connect with your peers. We know how important networking is, so we will make sure to give you time and space to do so.

Learn more about the events: Events

6. Funding opportunities 

San José State University offers many ways to support financing your education – scholarships, awards, fellowships. Additionally, Office of Research and Innovation has many opportunities to support you in your research endeavors. 

Read more about your financing options: Funding Opportunities

7. Vibrant community 

San José State is a diverse and vibrant community. Saying that SJSU is a one big Spartan Family is not an over exaggeration. We really are like a family here. Our campus is always alive and in action. You will have many opportunities to connect with people, take a break from studying and have some fun. 

Learn more about community: Campus Life

8. Campus resources

San José State University provides students with all the resources they need to succeed in their academic journey. An amazing library that really is “more than just a library,” Writing Center, Tutoring, Advising, Career Center–these are just a few of many. 

San José State University makes sure you are taken care of and feel good – physically and mentally. You can seek advice from a counselor at our Wellness Center, work out at the Recreation Center, get financial or housing assistance, and much more. Feeling a bit lonely – connect with people. 

Learn more: Resources

9. Student organizations 

Want to connect with people who like the same thing you do? Do you have a hobby but nobody to share it with? Maybe you just need a bit of peer support in your academic journey? You will find all these people in dozens of student-run clubs and organizations. 

If somehow you can’t find an organization focused around your area of interest – start a new one and meet people just like you. 

10. Partnerships with local companies 

We already mentioned that San José State University is in the very center of what’s going on in Silicon Valley. We work closely with some of the most important local companies and promising startups to make sure that after graduation your door to a successful career is open. 

Learn more about some of our: Partnerships

Need more? 

If you are not convinced yet, come and see San Jose State in person! Meet our students, alumni and faculty; and listen to their success story. You will really have no doubts San Jose State University is just the right place for you to proceed with your Graduate Education. 

We can’t wait to see you on campus! 

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