FTS Requisitions for Next Fiscal Year 2021-22

Contracts & Procurement Services will process Requisitions for next Fiscal Year 2021-2022 in CFS beginning today, June 14th. Users will notice some temporary modifications in FTS Requisition:

  1. All Requisitions created in FTS will require the Desired Due Date to be 7/1/2021 or greater.  An error message will appear if the due date is less than 7/1/21.
  2. The Clone Req button will be removed so users cannot copy an existing Requisition. Users will need to click on the Add [ + ] icon and create a new Requisition.

On July 1st, the first day of the new fiscal year, FTS Requisition will return to normal:

  • The Desired Due Date will default to two weeks from the current date.
  • The Clone Req feature will be activated again for use.

Figure 1: Click on image to enlarge.  Desired Due Date must be 07/01/2021 or greater.
FTS Requisition

Fiscal Year End Deadline: Requisitions for FY 2020-21

This is a friendly reminder that Requisitions for FY 2020-21 must be fully approved in FTS by the end of business day on Friday, June 4th. Requisitions approved in FTS after June 4th will be processed by Strategic Sourcing – Contracts & Procurement Services under the next Fiscal Year 2021-22.

For Requisitions submitted after June 4th that need to be processed in the current fiscal year, a request for review of a special exception can be made in the Header Comments field of the Requisition. In addition, the Requester should follow up directly with the assigned Contracts & Procurement Services staff member to the request for further assistance.

Fiscal Year End 2020-21 Deadlines

Enhancement to FTS Available Today!

A new feature is available for the requisition, direct payment, and employee reimbursement modules in FTS: the ability to select the appropriate approver for your transaction!

Before today, when a transaction was submitted for approval, all individuals with authority to approve for the funding DeptID would receive an email notification indicating a requisition, direct payment or reimbursement was ready for approval. Now, only the selected approver will receive email notification.

Upon saving a transaction, a drop-down list of individuals with authority to approve for the funding DeptID will display. Requesters will select the appropriate approver and submit for approval.

Note for Approving Officials: With this enhancement, notifications are specific to the recipient and require action. If you previously enabled gmail filters to reduce FTS notifications from filling your inbox, you may want to consider removing them.

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