Staples Advantage Auto-Substitution Program

The CSU has directed all campuses to increase sustainability activities. As part of this drive, the CSU worked with Staples Advantage to identify commonly purchased products to have a sustainable alternative.  The result of this collaboration is the creation of the Sustainable Auto-Substitution program that will go-live CSU campus wide on November 1, 2017.

What does this mean for department users who purchase from Staples Advantage in Campus Marketplace?

You do not have to do anything differently. The ordering process will remain normal. The system will automatically replace items in your cart with green alternatives.

If you have any questions, please contact Finance Support at or 4-1558.

A small change. An eco-conscious impact.

Campus Marketplace: New Minimum Order Requirement for Staples Advantage

In an effort to further boost San Jose State University’s achievements in sustainability and utilization of recycled content, and to align with the CSU’s goals for the CSU Staples Advantage contract, a minimum order requirement is being implemented effective November 1, 2016. The move to the $50.00 minimum will aid in the endeavor by reducing packaging, reducing deliveries, and reducing the amount of paper being printed (packing slips).  Staples Advantage will continue to deliver orders Monday through Friday.

The minimum order requirement applies to Campus Marketplace Staples Advantage orders.

New Login Process for Campus Marketplace

We shared with you the exciting news last month about a change taking place in Campus Marketplace. The implementation to login to Campus Marketplace using SJSUOne sign on is finally completed!

Starting today, Campus Marketplace users will now access the system through our campus portal, much like SJSU Email, FTS, and MySJSU.  Users will use their SJSUOne account and will no longer need to create or maintain a separate name and password for the Campus Marketplace.

To log in:

  1. Click the following link: . (If you bookmarked the Campus Marketplace URL, please delete it from your web browser as it is no longer valid.)
  2. Select San Jose State University on the InCommon page and click Next.
  3. Login to our campus portal using your SJSOne account (Employee ID and password).
  4. The Campus Marketplace page displays.
  5. Start shopping!

For more information about Campus Marketplace or to request access, please visit Campus Marketplace. Contact Finance Support with any question you may have at or 4-1538.