Distribution Services’ Shipment Request: Now in DocuSign

The Shipment Request form is now available in DocuSign as a template! Use it to request a domestic or international shipping label for an outbound FedEx or UPS package; or, use it to request a domestic freight shipment with YRC. Also, newly added: estimated arrival times for most service levels.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact the Distribution Services Workflow Coordinator, Phil Perez, at 408-924-1594 or phil.perez@sjsu.edu and he will address your concerns.

Trust Fund Agreement Form Now in DocuSign!

The Trust Fund Agreement Form is now available on DocuSign! This form is used to establish, update, or inactivate a trust fund, which allows departments to collect revenue for a service or activity.

We have partnered with Finance Advisory Council division representatives to identify appropriate reviewers and approvers for their colleges/departments. This has allowed us to simplify the initiation process for the form and facilitate an enhanced user experience. By using the DocuSign Conditional Routing feature, we can automatically route the form based on drop-down menus in the DocuSign form. You will only need to enter the Requester and Trust Fund Owner. All other signatures will be determined during the routing process.

This is a screenshot of the Conditional Routing Drop-Down Fields on the form.  You will need to select a Division and a College/Department to trigger conditional routing.

To learn more about trust funds, please refer to Establishing a New Trust Fund. If you have any issues or questions, please contact FinanceConnect at 408-924-1558 or financeconnect@sjsu.edu.

Property Check Out Policy: Now in DocuSign

Please be advised that the Property Check Out Policy / Authorization form, which is used to keep track of University property that is being used at home, has been updated and loaded into DocuSign as a template. There are several changes to both the policy text and the signature boxes. Please review carefully.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact the Distribution and Asset Services Manager, Sonja Bowsky, at 408-924-1592 or sonja.bowsky@sjsu.edu and she will address your concerns.