New SJSU Business Stationery and Business Card Supplier

Contracts and Purchasing Services is pleased to announce Medius Corporation as the university’s new strategic partner for SJSU stationery and business cards.

The Medius online portal has been launched. Current ProCard holders have been granted access to the portal for ordering business cards, letterhead, and envelopes so there is no need to fill out an access request form. Purchases are paid with the university ProCard. The OfficeMax ImPress stationery portal has been retired and is no longer accepting orders. Please refer to SJSU Business Stationery for login instructions and a video tutorial on ordering from the new supplier.

Do note that custom printed orders such as forms, posters/banners, plaques, and promotional items (e.g. pens and clothing) are to be placed through the Requisition pathway; while desktop printing requests can be fulfilled by the Associated Students Print Shop.

If you have any questions, please contact Finance Support at or 4-1558.

New SJSU Business Stationery is Ready for Order From OfficeMax

Contracts and Purchasing Services is pleased to announce the new SJSU official business stationery (envelopes, business cards, letterhead) is now available to order from our supplier OfficeMax. 

SJSU’s contract with our prior vendor had expired, making a new arrangement necessary. You will notice that prices for some items — notably, business cards — have risen. Prices through the old vendor were established eight years ago, when that agreement was established. Paper costs have risen appreciably over that time. There are cost-saving options for many of the new items, clearly identified in the ordering portal. And you are not expected to order new supplies until your existing stocks are depleted.

University business stationery and other digital print services can be ordered in the Print and Document Services portal found in the same OfficeMax website used to order office supplies for your department. Great news!  All current OfficeMax users will have access to this portal so there is no need for you to send us a request to ask for it. 

If you have any questions, please contact FinanceConnect at or 4-1558. 


OfficeMax Business Stationery Ordering Instructions (Marketing and Communications have created a special page with guidance on how to place stationery orders):

OfficeMax Pathway:

OfficeMax Access Request form:

SJSU Marketing and Communications Office


OfficeMax Print and Document Services Portal

Pic 1- The Print and Document Services portal can be found on left side of the OfficeMax Main Menu page.

OfficeMax Main Menu

OfficeMax Main Menu


Pic 2- Print and Document Services portal. For SJSU business stationery, click the ORDER FROM YOUR CATALOG icon. For other copy and print services, click Upload and Print icon.

OfficeMax Print & Document Services portal

OfficeMax Print & Document Services portal


Pic 3- Select type of stationery from the drop down menu. The stationery styles will display.

OfficeMax Stationery Catalog

OfficeMax Stationery Catalog