Revised CSU Policy: Debit and Credit Card Payments

The following CSU policy has been revised and is available in the CSU Policy Library:

Debit and Credit Card Payments

Click the policy link and select Show Changes to view a marked-up version of the revised policy.

Summary of changes: Updated two items in the PCI-DSS Standards section.

The CSU Policy Library provides a simple, comprehensive, and powerful way to quickly find CSU systemwide policies.

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ProCard/GoCard Program Updates

We’ve recently completed several process improvement projects related to the ProCard/GoCard program and are excited to share them with you.

Cardholder Activity Loaded to CFS DAILY
After several rounds of testing, we’ve successfully automated the data feed of cardholder transaction activity from US Bank to CFS. With this automation, each day CFS will receive ProCard/GoCard data for transactions posted to US Bank the previous business day. This means:

  • Campus cardholders will be able to reconcile transactions throughout the entire statement period – no more waiting for statement activity to be uploaded to CFS.
  • CFS will reflect a more ‘real-time’ picture of activity to date.

To aid in tracking reconciliation progress through the month, we recommend cardholders utilize the ‘Reconciled’ checkbox on the transaction detail panel in CFS. Please refer to the screenshot below.

Figure 1: New ‘Reconciled’ checkbox (click on image to enlarge).

ProCard/GoCard Reconciled checkbox




There are no changes to statement reconciliation submission deadlines or the submission process. Please note: there will likely be a small period of time each month when cardholders see more than one statement available in CFS (a recently closed billing cycle and the current open billing cycle).

Workflow Driven Notifications
Communications regarding submitted statement reconciliations between the ProCard/GoCard Program Coordinator and campus cardholders are common, often requiring additional documentation, receipts or further information. To streamline the efforts, we worked with IT to expand our internal workflow and implement system-driven communications via OnBase. Doing so allows our team to more effectively communicate and track outstanding activity throughout the reconciliation process.

Updated Application Form
Intro to Finance (FIN 101) has long been a prerequisite for campus employees to receive a ProCard/GoCard. To ensure timely processing of new cardholder applications, the ProCard/GoCard Application now allows users to attach a copy of their CSULearn training transcript, documenting the requirement has been met.

Have questions? Please contact the ProCard Program Coordinator or join us at an upcoming FABS Open Lab or ProCard/GoCard Workshop.

Staples & Amazon Purchases

* 10/12/23: Updated announcement to include a list of office supplies. *

Please note that effective October 31, 2023, the option to purchase office supplies from Amazon will unfortunately be shut down for the entire CSU. 

The Staples contract includes an entire participation clause, which mandates all 23 campuses plus the Chancellor’s Office to purchase office supplies from Staples.  Those purchases can be made via Staples punchout catalog in the CSUBUY Marketplace or directly from any Staples store. If Staples does not offer the products you require, you are allowed to make your purchases through Amazon Business.

In addition, the following are the benefits of using Staples for your office supply needs:

    • Helps achieve our CSU sustainability and recycling goals/requirements. Auto substitution in place to help with this system-wide effort.
    • Staples minimum order of $50 for free next-day delivery was put in place by CSU to help drive better purchasing habits to help reduce the amount of waste and deliveries on campus. 
    • Itemized negotiated pricing.
    • White glove customer service 24/7.
    • Desktop delivery service.

The ability to purchase non-office supply items through Amazon Business will continue. Please share this message with any staff or faculty you feel may benefit from this information.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Procurement to Payment Services or FinanceConnect for assistance.

Office supplies include but are not limited to:

  • Binders
  • Computer accessories (e.g. mouse, keyboard, speakers, and headphones)
  • Desk/drawer organizers
  • Document shredders
  • Envelopes (blank)
  • File folders
  • Highlighters and markers
  • Hole punchers
  • Labels (e.g. shipping and file folders)
  • Notebooks/notepads
  • Measuring devices (e.g. rulers and measuring tape)
  • Paper (e.g. copy paper and cardstock)
  • Paper clips and binder clips
  • Paper cutters and scissors
  • Pencils/pens
  • Printer toner cartridges
  • Rubber bands
  • Staplers and staples
  • Sticky notes