Hospitality Guide and Expense Justification Form Updated

Effective immediately, the campus Hospitality Expense Justification form and Hospitality Guide have been updated, specifically for adding our employee meal limit requirement which follows the CSU Hospitality Policy.

The SJSU Hospitality Guide was reorganized for clarity, purpose and to effectively address hospitality-related purchase questions. Hospitality expenses [e.g., food, light refreshments, promotional items] can be incurred for events and activities that support the university’s mission and goals. View the updated matrix for funding guidance. Please refer to the SJSU Hospitality Guide for detailed information on such expenses.   

A completed Hospitality Expense Justification form must be included as backup documentation for all hospitality-related payment and purchase requests [Requisition, Direct Payment, ProCard, Employee/Student Reimbursement, and Petty Cash]. Hospitality Payment requests cannot be processed without the form.

FABS PO Encumbrance Workshop Today

This is a friendly reminder we have a FABS PO Encumbrance Workshop today from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

We’ll begin the session with an overview of the lifecycle of a Purchase Order (PO) which includes a review of tools available in CFS and the Finance Data Warehouse that aid in managing PO encumbrances. After the overview, we’ll open the session to Q&A and hands-on review of POs. Bring some PO numbers for us to review!

No reservation is needed, just login and join us with your questions.