New Finance and Business Services Website!

The new Finance and Business Services website has launched!

The URL replaces, representing the scope of services we provide to the SJSU community. We designed our new website with you in mind, structuring content in a manner that allows various audiences to easily find information they are looking for.

We will highlight some elements of the new website at the April 9th What’s Up presentation. We’re also hosting a couple of overview sessions the week of April 12, walking through the new structure and taking a deeper dive into the content. Come explore with us!

4/14/21 10:00am-11:00am Register

4/16/21 3:30pm-4:30pm Register

PaCE Fund Documentation

CSU Audit and Advisory Services recently completed an audit of Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE) programs at SJSU. One of the findings needs to be addressed by all departments with self-support programs:
PACE fund expenditures were not always properly documented to show a clear and appropriate connection between the expenditure and the overall support and development of self-support programs….We recommend that the campus: 
a. Improve its enforcement of the requirement to maintain documentation demonstrating a clear and appropriate connection between PACE expenditures and self-supporting programs that benefit from the expenditures, and ensure the standards are communicated to appropriate employees. 
b. Develop a more effective process for reviewing expenditure activities in PACE funds to ensure proper coding for transactions.
We’ve taken action in FTS to help departments comply with PaCE policies. In response to this finding, you will see a reminder in FTS about the PaCE “golden rule”: 
PaCE funds (48xxx) may only be used for the support and development of self-support programs. Please refer to the PaCE guidelines for more information.
This is a temporary measure while we work on modifications to FTS that will prompt users to provide some additional information when using PaCE funds. We’ll let you when this change has been implemented and what you need to do.

FTS Transfer Module Enhancements

We’ve recently implemented new features to the FTS Transfer module: the ability to upload supporting documentation and ability to select appropriate approver from a drop down list. The enhancements apply to all transactions within the transfers module and are available now.

Feature 1: Supporting Documentation Upload

The ability to upload supporting documentation for transfers furthers our transparency efforts and expands our electronic document storage use of OnBase. Supporting documentation is optional for budget journals; it is required for expense, hospitality payment and interdepartmental expense transfer journals. Upon saving a transfer transaction, you will be prompted to upload supporting documentation. Uploaded documents will be accessible via the Document Retrieval button.

Feature 2: Select Approving Official From Drop Down

Building upon the purchasing/payments module enhancement introduced last July, requesters can now select the appropriate approving official from a list of approvers. The drop-down list is populated upon saving a transaction. Once the transaction is submitted for approval, only the selected approving official will receive an email notification. That means no more mass notifications!

Note to Approving Officials: You may want to disable any Gmail filters you might have established to reduce FTS notifications from filling your inbox.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact FinanceConnect!