NEW Journal Upload Process

What better way to start the new fiscal year than by sharing a new, streamlined journal upload request process. The Accounting Services team recently adopted an OnBase workflow to manage journal submission and approvals. After a successful soft launch with several campus stakeholders, the OnBase Journal Request Form is available via FTS and a tile in One.SJSU for campus wide use.

Use the new form to submit department journal upload and manual journal entry requests. Once submitted, the streamlined campus experience includes:

  • Automated email referencing a request ID.
  • Communications from the Accounting Services team streamlined through OnBase, via 
  • Email confirmation of the completed request, with reference to CFS journal IDs as appropriate.

The Finance & Business Services website has been updated to reflect the new process. For tips on using the Journal Request form, please take a look at Quick Steps: Journal Request Process.

Please use for requests to invoice auxiliaries or outside agencies, payment collections and related inquiries.

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