2022/23 Fiscal Year End Planning and Deadlines

The 2022/23 Fiscal Year End Deadlines have been published on the Finance and Business Services website.

Please review the schedule now and plan ahead to ensure transactions are recorded in the proper fiscal year by meeting these deadlines.  Your commitment to following this schedule enables the campus to meet financial reporting and audit requirements of the State Controller’s Office, CSU Chancellor’s Office, and various other agencies.

In addition to the deadlines Google Doc, we’re excited to share some newly developed resources with you.

  • The FABS Fiscal Year End Deadlines Calendar. Want to see key deadlines on your Google calendar? No problem! With our new calendar, all SJSU employees can easily toggle on/off the campus’ published fiscal year end deadlines.
  • Encumbrance Management Workshop. Join FinanceConnect at 2:30pm Friday, March 17, 2023 to learn all about the lifecycle of a PO. We’ll review tools available in CFS and the Finance Data Warehouse that aid in managing PO encumbrances, concluding with some hands-on review and open Q&A. No registration is needed, just log in and join us via Zoom!

The Finance and Business Services team will review the schedule and answer inquiries in our Spring 2023 What’s Up event. A Save the Date will be sent soon!

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