ProCard/GoCard Workshop Zoom Session

We are having a ProCard/GoCard Workshop on Friday, May 27th from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. via Zoom.

New and current cardholders are encouraged to attend when they need assistance or have questions about the ProCard/GoCard. If you are interested in joining the session, you’ll need to register by 5pm on Thursday, May 26th. Please keep in mind the first 30 minutes of the workshop will provide an overview of the reconciliation. After the overview, the workshop is opened for cardholders to ask questions or seek assistance in completing their reconciliation.

Strategic Sourcing – Contracts & Procurement Services: Friendly Reminders

Your Strategic Sourcing team has a few friendly reminders to help you have a successful Fiscal Year End!

Current & Fast Approaching Deadlines:

May 20th

  • Final Day to submit a Requisition for 21/22 FY
  • Final Day to submit Blanket Orders & Service Orders for 21/22 FY
  • Final Day to submit Change Order Requests for 21/22 FY

June 3rd

  • Travel Reimbursements
  • Non-Employee Travel Reimbursements
  • Direct Pays
  • Employee Reimbursements
  • eInvoice submissions

These Deadlines Have Past

  • April 18th: Information Communication Technology (ICT formerly E&IT) requisitions (approved TRIA required)
  • April 18th: Requisitions over $50k
  • May 2nd: Furniture purchases
  • May 10th: GoCard Charges
  • May 17th: ProCard Charges

Full list of 2022 FYE Deadlines.

Please share this message with any staff or faculty you feel should be notified. Feel free to reach out to our Strategic Sourcing team for any questions at

Wishing you all a great and successful month!