Distribution Services is Closed Today

Please be advised that Distribution Services will be closed on Monday, Nov 23, 2020 due to street closures in the immediate vicinity. We will not be receiving incoming shipments, delivering mail and parcels, or picking up outbound mail and shipments. Normal services should resume on Tuesday, Nov 24.

If you wish to retrieve a critical FedEx or UPS shipment directly from either of these facilities, please contact the carriers directly. Packages are currently on the trucks and out for delivery, so it may take some time for the packages to be returned to the customer centers.

FedEx Ship Center                              UPS San José Dispatch Center
710 Dado St                                        1999 S 7th Street
San José, CA  95131                           San José, CA  95112
Phone: 800-463-3339                          Phone: 800-742-5877

Outbound packages can be taken the addresses above or dropped off at:

Postal Annex+
123 E. San Carlos St
San José, CA  95112
Phone: 408-975-0893

Hours: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm (priority overnight shipments must be there before 3:30 pm)

If you have any questions, please contact the Distribution and Asset Services Manager, Sonja Bowsky, at 408-924-1592 or sonja.bowsky@sjsu.edu and she will address your concerns.

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