Campus Marketplace: Amazon Business

We hope you are enjoying the benefits of shopping with Amazon Business in Campus Marketplace which includes:

  • Free 2-Day shipping on Prime-eligible items for business use (learn more)
  • Access to millions of additional products, available only to Business customers
  • Business-specific pricing, including quantity discounts on eligible items
  • Access to a specialized Amazon Business Customer Service team

At present, Amazon Business is only available to current ProCard holders in Campus Marketplace. We are working with Amazon to get users who have “Transfer Cart” in Campus Marketplace access to the Amazon Business punchout catalog. Transfer Cart holders are individuals who have the ability to select items and transfer their cart to designated ProCard holders to complete their purchases. We will update you when “Transfer Cart” users can use Amazon Business.

Please note the following when using Amazon Business in Campus Marketplace:

Action Required to Register

For new users, simply click on the Amazon Business tile in Campus Marketplace (Figure 1). The first time you access Amazon, you will be prompted to create an account with your SJSU employee email. Full instructions on registering your business email ( in Amazon Business can be found in the First-Time Registration Guide. The guide addresses three types of scenarios for registration. This is a one-time setup.

Procurement Guidelines

We encourage you to shop on the Amazon Business punchout catalog and explore the wide variety of available items and price compare. However, purchases must comply with ProCard policy and Procurement Pathways guidelines. For office supplies, Staples Advantage remains our primary vendor. Office supplies from Amazon can be purchased only if Staples does not sell a similar product. Amazon Business is for business use only.

Restricted Categories

There are several product categories that may contain items that are not allowable purchases. You will see “Company Restricted” messaging on the product pages for these items (Figure 2). Product pages marked as “Company Restricted” are available for purchase; however, the ProCard holder should ensure the items being purchased are allowable, according to the ProCard policy.

Please note the following items are not available for purchase through the Amazon Business punchout catalog:

  • Digitally downloadable: eBooks, movies, videos, music, software, games, audio books
  • Gift Cards/Store Cards (Both physical and digital)
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Wireless Devices and Services
  • Subscriptions, including Subscribe & Save
  • Other Amazon services not found on such as Amazon Web Services, Amazon Fresh, and subsidiaries

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There’s an error message when I login (Figure 3).
    • You will get an error message if you already have an Amazon account setup with your business email and then you try to access the Amazon Business punchout catalog. Please follow the instructions in the First Time Registration Guide to deregister and reregister the account.
  • My order is in “Pending Approval” status (Figure 4 and 5).

If you have any questions, please contact FinanceConnect at or 4-1558.


Click on image to enlarge.

Figure 1:  Click the Amazon Business tile in ESM Campus Marketplace to start shopping.

Amazon Business Tile








Figure 2: Company restricted message will appear for items identified as a restricted purchase.

Restricted Item Message








Figure 3: Error message received by first-time users who already have an Amazon account established to their business email. Refer to the First-Time Registration Guide for instruction to deregister account.







Figure 4:  If order in Amazon Business shows Pending Approval status, go to Campus Marketplace to complete the payment process.







Figure 5:  The Pending Approval status order in Amazon Business will be found in Campus Marketplace. Click the Cart button to view and complete purchase.

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