Accounts Payable Wants Your Feedback

To employees who are responsible for purchasing goods/services or financial management in their department:

Accounts Payable is reviewing their processes to determine where they can maximize efficiency. One of the processes under review is their policy on paying invoices associated to blanket order or service order purchase orders (PO).  The current practice is to request departments to review and approve an invoice before payment is made to a supplier. If no response is received after a certain time, then the invoice is automatically paid as allowed in our Negative Confirmation Policy. Accounts Payable would like to revise the policy so that invoice payments against blanket order and service order PO’s can be made without receiving a formal approval from department.

To better serve you, we would like your feedback on the invoice approval process by having you complete our quick survey. Responses will be collected through Friday, September 20. Thank you for your cooperation.

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