New Dept Tree Name in Finance Data Warehouse

Effective today in Finance Data Warehouse, the DEPARTMENT_PRIMARY value found in the Dept Tree Name field has been replaced with SJ_DEPT_PRIMARY in order to identify the university’s organization in the system. FDW users who have pages using Dept Tree and Dept Level fields will need to modify their page setup and save new customization for them as follows:

  1. In the Report Filters section, select SJ_DEPT_PRIMARY in Dept Tree field.
  2. Click the Apply Filters button.
  3. To save the setup, click the Page Options icon (located at top right of page and to the left of the question mark icon).
  4. When the Page Options menu appears, select Save Current Customization.
  5. The Save Current Customization window displays.
  6. Assign a name to the customization.
  7. Check box for Make this my default for this page. (This is optional.)
  8. Click OK to complete.
  9. Repeat above steps for other pages used.

No action is required from users who do not use the Dept Tree and Dept Level fields.

For complete set-up instructions, refer to Department Level Report Set-Up: Manage My Budget tutorial. If you have any questions, please contact Finance Support at or 4-1558.

The snapshots below show the location of the Dept Tree Name field on a Manage My Budget Report and Financial Summary Between Periods. Click on the image to enlarge it.

1:  Dept Tree Name field in Manage My Budget as of Period report


2:  Dept Tree field in Financial Summary Between Periods report

Finance Data Warehouse Refresh Issue

The source data used by the Data Warehouse was not current when the refresh process began this morning.  The Data Warehouse loaded all available data, however the data we source from was incomplete and most CFS transactions were not included.  Because of the incomplete data, the Data Warehouse now reflects transactions through 2:00 AM on Monday, March 20.  The Chancellor’s Office Technical Services team is working to correct this problem and expects the source data will be current by 2:00 AM on Wednesday, March 22.

Impact to Services or Applications:
The Finance Data Warehouse is available; however, the data has not been updated to include yesterday’s CFS transactions.