OnBase in FTS

As announced in the FinanceConnect blog, our new imaging system, OnBase, is scheduled to go-live in FTS on Thursday, September 8th.

In preparation for OnBase, the FTS system and e-Invoice portal will be unavailable to users on Friday, September 2nd from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Once OnBase is successfully integrated with FTS, users will see:

  • A defined ‘File Upload’ section, including a drop-down list of document types to identify the attachments you intend to upload to Requisitions, Direct Payment and Employee/Student Reimbursement requests. See Requisition Snapshots 1 and 2 below.
  • Specifications for file upload size and type, along with browser compatibility information.
  • A defined ‘Support Documents’ section, containing a single link to view both the Requisition and the related e-Invoice (PO invoice) documents.

Using OnBase to manage our workflows means you can:

  • Reply directly to AP e-Invoice email notifications for action – no more copying text over to a new email in order to respond with your invoice approvals to pay, or receipt information!
  • Email notifications for both e-Invoice and created purchase orders will include a copy of the specified document rather than a hyperlink to click on in order to obtain a copy for your records.

As we continue moving forward with our implementation of OnBase and its many possibilities, you will continue to see and experience the advantages this new system can provide.

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Requisition Snapshot 1: File Upload section. 

FTS Upload File

Requisition Snapshot 2: Document Type selection.

Requisition Upload File Document Type




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