Fiscal Year 2015-16 Close

To employees responsible for department budget and financial management, fiscal year 2015-16 is now closed in CFS (Common Financial System); therefore there will be no more transactions or adjustments for that year. Complete fiscal year financial reports are finalized and now available in the Finance Data Warehouse.

All periods in fiscal year 2016-17 are now open. The Budget & Risk Management Office has transferred funds to departments for encumbrances that were outstanding on June 30, 2016 in funds 70000 (CSU Operating); and SSETF funds (70018, 70019, and 70020) will be completed by Monday, July 25.

Please note that fund balances will post to departments by Monday, July 25 for the following funds: CERF Funds (48xxx), Miscellaneous Trust (65183), Housing Operations (71000), Health Services (51000), ITS Projects (64006), MLK Special Projects (64009), and Cost Recovery – Auxiliary (78005 and 78006) Funds.

Another smooth year end close. Thanks to everyone who contributed to our success!


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