March LCD Processing

To personnel with Labor Cost Distribution (LCD) responsibilities, this is the monthly reminder to confirm your salary information by running your LCD Setup Audit.

Any changes to the distribution of funding for payroll expenses that you would like made for March 2016 payroll must be received by Finance Support no later than Monday, March 21st at 5:00 p.m.

For temporary appointment funding changes, all requests can be emailed directly to Finance Support at .

For faculty who are on release time and/or any split funding changes, employee profile requests must be approved by the Dean’s Office prior to submittal to our office. The Release Time Authorization (RTA) form for faculty on release time with the Research Foundation should be sent to Faculty Affairs – please do not send the RTA form to Finance Support.

We cannot guarantee that requests for changes received after the deadline will be captured for the March payroll cycle.

Please refer to Labor Cost Distribution, for info regarding the LCD process and Temporary Appointment Funding Changes for instructions on completing the Employee Profile form.

If you have any questions about LCD processing, please contact FinanceConnect at or 4-1558.

New Login Process for Campus Marketplace

We shared with you the exciting news last month about a change taking place in Campus Marketplace. The implementation to login to Campus Marketplace using SJSUOne sign on is finally completed!

Starting today, Campus Marketplace users will now access the system through our campus portal, much like SJSU Email, FTS, and MySJSU.  Users will use their SJSUOne account and will no longer need to create or maintain a separate name and password for the Campus Marketplace.

To log in:

  1. Click the following link: . (If you bookmarked the Campus Marketplace URL, please delete it from your web browser as it is no longer valid.)
  2. Select San Jose State University on the InCommon page and click Next.
  3. Login to our campus portal using your SJSOne account (Employee ID and password).
  4. The Campus Marketplace page displays.
  5. Start shopping!

For more information about Campus Marketplace or to request access, please visit Campus Marketplace. Contact Finance Support with any question you may have at or 4-1538.

February Accounting Period Close

For employees who track or manage department budgets, please note that the month of February 2016 is now closed in CFS.

This means that the General Ledger (GL) system will not accept any more entries with a February journal date. February transactions can still be entered into the GL system, but the journal date must be 3/1/2016 or later. The current period open is March 2016.