Inventory of University Property

Beginning Monday, February 29, 2016, the university will begin conducting a campus wide physical inventory of capital assets to verify their existence and location.  The inventory will be conducted by HCA Asset Management LLC, and is expected to last through March 11, 2016. HCA employees will wear apparel/ID’s that identifies them as an employee of the vendor.  The inventory process will entail HCA using tablets to record asset bar code labels, and they will need access to all capital assets.

Attached is the schedule of anticipated dates for HCA to be in your area for the initial pass through.  HCA will use the second week to follow up with departments as needed. Contact the Property Office 4-7270 if you have any questions.

Physical Inventory Schedule:  SJSU Physical Inventory Schedule 2016

Please forward this message to any staff or faculty you feel should be notified.


January Accounting Period Close

For employees who track or manage department budgets, please note that the month of January 2016 is now closed in CFS.

This means that the General Ledger (GL) system will not accept any more entries with a January journal date. January transactions can still be entered into the GL system, but the journal date must be 2/1/2016 or later. The current period open is February 2016.