“Suggested Vendor” No Longer Available for Direct Payment Requests

Effective February 4, 2015, “Suggested Vendor” will no longer be available for users to select in the Supplier field for Direct Payment requests in FTS. (Labels in FTS formerly referencing “VENDOR” have now been changed to “SUPPLIER”). Supplier ID#’s created in advance help to reduce delays in processing payments and when reviewing your voucher history in FTS, you will see the supplier’s name and not just a blank space.

“Suggested Vendor” will continue to be available for FTS Requisitions.

To determine if a supplier is available for a Direct Payment, use the look-up feature. If it does not exist, please send an email to vendor-request@sjsu.edu to have the new supplier set up in our system, as many of you are already doing.  Please follow the instructions below and allow at least 3-5 business days to process requests. You will receive an email notification when your supplier setup is complete and is available in FTS.

 Direct Payment to Suppliers

  • When requesting goods/services from a new supplier, have them complete the Vendor Data Record Std. 204 form.
  • Before creating the Direct Payment request, send the Vendor Data Record Std. 204 form to vendor-request@sjsu.edu along with the following information:

Supplier Name
Remittance Address
Description of Payment

For more information, go to:

Direct Payment Process and Guidelines: http://www.sjsu.edu/finance/financeconnect/resources/pathways/direct_pay/index.html

Vendor Create Instructions:  https://blogs.sjsu.edu/financeconnect/tag/vendorsstudentemployee-create-and-update-in-fts/

Please contact FinanceConnect at 4-1558, or by email, if you have any questions.  We appreciate your patience regarding any confusion caused by the discrepancies between the use of supplier and vendor as we transition over to the new terminology.

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