New Requirements for Journal Upload Requests

Finance has implemented new requirements for all journal upload requests submitted to Accounting Services.

While most expense transfers are completed through Financial Transactions Services (FTS), there are circumstances when a journal upload request is the correct option for processing a transfer, such as:

  • Revenue corrections
  • A large number of adjustments, where a journal upload would be more efficient than utilizing FTS
  • Cost Recovery transactions

Please continue to send journal requests to your current Accounting Services contact person.  Feel free to contact Kim Napoli at  If you need to verify the correct contact person for your needs. When submitting a journal upload request to Accounting Services, requesting departments should now include the following support documentation listed below:

  • An in-depth description of the request, providing justification for the transaction;
  • Documentation identifying where the expense/revenue is currently recorded (typically obtained by drilling down into actuals in a Data Warehouse organization report) and;
  • Documentation identifying balance of the expense/revenue account after a journal upload (what is the intended end result)

Accounting Services will complete an in-depth review of all journal upload requests, verifying the transfer is appropriate and allowable.

The Journal Upload Template is available on the Finance website. As a reminder it is crucial that campus departments submit journal upload requests following the format as outlined in the template. Not adhering to the specified format requires additional review and causes a delay in processing time.

We are in the process of creating detailed campus expense/revenue transfer guidelines and will share via FinanceConnect once available.

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