Fiscal Year 2013-14 Close

For employees responsible for department budget and financial management, fiscal year 2013-14 is now closed in CFS (Common Financial System); therefore there will be no more transactions or adjustments for that year.  Final financial reports for the year are now available in the Data Warehouse.

All periods in fiscal year 2014-15 are now open. The Budget Office will transfer funds to departments for encumbrances that were outstanding on June 30, 2014 in funds 70000 (Operating Fund) and 70012 (SSETF Fund) by Friday, July 25.

SSETF Fund 70012 will remain open to accommodate the encumbrances from last year. Due to the unbundling of SSETF, new funds were created and they are SSETF-IRA (Fund 70018), SSETF-Student Success (Fund 70019), and SSETF-Course Support (Fund 70020). Please begin to use these new funds. Be sure to check your LCD Setup Audit report to ensure that the new fund is appropriately set up correctly for July payroll.

Fund balances for trust funds will be transferred to departments by the end of July (7/31).


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