Accounts Payable strongly encourages the campus to submit Purchase Order invoices through the e-Invoice portal. Save yourself some time and refrain from sending PO invoices through campus mail or emailing them to the Accounts Payable staff.

e-Invoice is a quick and convenient method to submit purchase order invoices to Accounts Payable for payment processing. Users can upload PO invoices in a dedicated portal located in the Accounts Payable section of the Finance website.

Some benefits to using e-Invoice are:

  • reduce paper usage which is better for the environment
  • efficient processing for payment by Accounts Payable
  • and most of all, invoices will be viewable via FTS on the requisition**

*  e-Invoice payment processing often generates Action Required notifications for Approval to Pay or CFS Receipt. Accounts Payable now has a dedicated email address to handle your responses. When you are ready to send  your Approval to Pay or CFS Receipt #, forward the Action Required notification email to reply-to-accounts-payable@sjsu.edu.

This will allow all of the Accounts Payable Technicians access to your responses in order to move your PO invoices through the payment process, helping to avoid unnecessary 2nd or 3rd notifications.

** An e-Invoice link appears on all requisitions, but only invoices submitted through e-Invoice will be available to view.

e-Invoice Instructions

To start using e-Invoice, follow these steps when you receive a PO invoice and have determined that the goods or services have been provided to your satisfaction:

  1.  The invoice should reference a valid and active Purchase Order Number. If not, then write the appropriate PO # on the invoice.
  2.  a)  For purchase orders that do not require receiving, please write on the invoice “Approved to Pay” or “OK  to Pay”  and include your name.
    b)  For purchase orders that require receiving, please write the CFS PO Receipt Number(s) on the invoice.
    c)  Additional details or other info regarding the payment can also be written on the invoice.
  3. Scan invoice (multiple-page invoices can be included in one file) and save it for uploading. Acceptable file types for upload are PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPG, and JPEG.
  4. Go to www.sjsu.edu/finance/einvoice.
  5. At the website, enter the full 10-digit PO #, the Invoice #, and the Invoice Date (one invoice at a time).
  6. Upload the invoice file and submit.


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