System Access Request Form – Changes in Requesting Access to FTS

In order to simplify the way access is granted in Financial Transaction Services (FTS), Finance and ITS have made some changes to the System Access Request form. Here are the improvements you will see on the FTS section of the form:

Department IDs

When appropriate, users can now request access to a division, college, or service group. Requesting access in this manner grants the user access to all departments within the specified unit (e.g., College of Engineering – all DeptIDs under the 1234 DeptID).


Access in FTS is now granted based on roles, each containing a specific level of access to the various modules in FTS. Additionally, each role identifies the required training needed for access to be granted. Roles are now identified as:

roles table

The updated System Access Request form is available for use now. Information Technology Services will continue to accept the old form through Friday, November 1, 2013. Beginning Monday, November 4, 2013, the updated form will be required for all system requests.New FTS users will be required to complete all training associated with the requested role before access is granted. See FTS Roles Access & Training for more information.

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