Campus Practice Regarding Personal Deliveries

With this year’s observation of Valentines’ Day falling during the work week, Distribution Services would like to remind the campus community that it is campus practice for Distribution Services to not accept personal deliveries on behalf of SJSU employees. We, as a university, cannot assume responsibility/liability for the receipt and delivery of personal items.

During special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, some couriers offer desktop delivery. It would be advisable that personal deliveries of this nature clearly indicate the recipient’s building and office location (number) along with the university address. This will be allowed as long as it does not breach policies of your department.

In the interest of customer service, Distribution Services is available to provide vendors delivery information including office location when adequate information for the intended recipient is provided. We appreciate your understanding and observation of our campus practice. If you have any questions, please contact Salvador Campos, Distribution Services Manager, at 4-1592.

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