FTS Travel Authorization/Reimbursement Enhancement- Activity History Feature

We are happy to announce the addition of a new Activity History feature to the FTS Travel Component. Located below the Routing and Approval Status section, this new feature records a history of all activity associated with a Travel Authorization/Reimbursement. Now, FTS Users will have a more detailed record of action taken on their travel requests, including the date, action, and any comments provided by each level of approval.

Besides recording the history of each Travel Authorization/Reimbursement, the new Activity History feature also:
  • Allows Reviewers/Approvers to add comments when taking action on a Travel Authorization/Reimbursement, regardless of the action type (previously comments were only allowed when Returning or Not Authorizing a request).
  • Captures comments entered by Reviewers/Approvers and includes them in email notifications to the Traveler/Requester when requests are Modified, Returned, or Not Authorized.
We hope you find the new features beneficial in monitoring the activity of travel requests submitted through FTS.

UPS CampusShip Now Paid Through ProCard

We are happy to announce that UPS CampusShip charges will now be paid by University ProCard. Effective immediately, Distribution Services will end the practice of billing departments monthly for UPS mailings, which includes a 13% surcharge. Instead, all charges to UPS CampusShip accounts will be paid through the account holder’s ProCard.
This change is being implemented for a number of reasons:
  • Saves campus departments money by eliminating the 13% surcharge applied to all Distribution Services billings.
  • Provides more detailed information on mailing expenses – Approving Officials will see charges for each mailing rather than one lump sum.
  • Helps streamline the payment process, eliminating inefficiencies.
FinanceConnect will send a separate message to UPS CampusShip account holders which will include instruction on:
  • Setting up their account to bill to a ProCard
  • Reconciling UPS CampusShip charges on their ProCard Reconciliation Report
  • How to handle situations where the UPS CampusShip account holder does not have a ProCard

At this time, payment through University ProCard is only available for UPS CampusShip, not at UPS Stores or for FEDEX. If you are a FEDEX User and would like to establish a UPS CampusShip account, please contact Distribution Services at (408) 924-1590.

Printing Services

With the recent announcement of OfficeMax Impress, providing printing products and services, departments now have an expanded choice and ordering flexibility for printing requests. We encourage and remind campus departments to utilize the following preferred options for their printing needs:

 A.S. Print Shop – Official Campus Printing and Copy Services Provider

  • Provides quality printing and copying service to SJSU staff, faculty and students.
  • Easy and fast ordering process.
  • Located on-campus at Hoover Hall.
  • Requesters can provide their department chartfields to charge order to.
  • For more info, visit A.S. Print Shop.


OfficeMax ImPress – Off-Campus Preferred Vendor

  • Offers a variety of printing products and services.
  • Full digital on-line ordering process.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • OfficeMax and ProCard access is required to place orders.
  • For more info, visit  OfficeMax Procurement Pathway.


Sierra Office Supply & Printing

  • The university’s primary vendor for SJSU logo stationary: business cards, letterheads, and envelopes.
  • Sierra Office and ProCard access is required in order to place orders.
  • For more info, refer to How to Get Products/Services’ Printing section.



  • A Requisition is to be submitted in the Financial Transaction Services (FTS) system for the following types of requests:
    • Promotional products such as mugs, t-shirts, and pens.
    • Printing requests that cannot be fulfilled by the above vendors.
  • For more info, refer to How to Get Products/Services’ Printing section.