OfficeMax- Changes and New Service

Contracts & Purchasing Services announces some changes to OfficeMax.

The CSU Chancellor’s Office has been exploring ways to reduce expenses. It has been determined that substantial savings can be achieved by making adjustments to the CSU’s office supply purchases. As a result, on October 1, 2012, campuses will implement the auto-substitution program of about 1,700 products available from OfficeMax for economically priced, equivalent products.

The auto-substitution of products purchased through OfficeMax is not new to campuses: toner cartridges and paper products have always been substituted for ones with recycled content. This new program applies to a broader scale of products and we believe this change will have few, if any, effects to end users.

And now for some exciting news-

We are happy to introduce to the campus a new quick printing service that will bring you enhanced printing capabilities while providing significant cost savings to campus departments.

The university’s new preferred printing vendor is OfficeMax ImPress. OfficeMax ImPress offers an online system that combines ordering flexibility with a set of new and easy to use features for your printing needs. Also, because OfficeMax is our official office supply vendor, the same low prices we receive from them for business products will extend to print orders from OfficeMax ImPress.

Count on OfficeMax ImPress for all your printing needs, including:

  • Color and black & white printing and copying
  • Presentations and proposals
  • Desktop publishing and design services
  • Brochures, forms, flyers, postcards, and announcements
  • Binding and finishing
  • Binding, mounting, folding and laminating
  • And much more!

Additional Information about auto-substitution and OfficeMax ImPress will be delivered at the Finance What’s Up? Fall 2012 presentation scheduled for Thursday, September 27 at 2 p.m. in Engineering 189.

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