Expanded Use of ProCard and Updates to Procurement Pathways

We are pleased to announce expanded use of the University ProCard! After a recent review of the various Procurement Pathways, your purchasing ability is now greater than ever. A few of the newly allowed items include:
  • Advertising
  • Computer Monitors
  • Equipment less than $5,000
  • Software

We’ve also made improvements to how the Pathways information is presented. We’ve created a Procurement Pathways page on the Finance website, providing a snapshot of each Pathway’s intended purpose and common items procured. And, rather than dredging through lists of allowable and prohibited expenses for each Pathway, we’ve consolidated all this information into one comprehensive Standard Exclusions list. Presented in a table format, the Standard Exclusions list includes those items that:

  • Have purchase restrictions
  • Are restricted to a specific Pathway, or
  • Are prohibited altogether

We will review the changes in detail at the Finance What’s Up? Fall 2012 presentation, scheduled Thursday, September 27, at 2:00pm in Engineering 189.

The recent enhancements should make obtaining products and services easier and more efficient. Please feel free to contact FinanceConnect with any questions.

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