STAGE KISS Event on December 3!

We recently heard from Michael Marlin White:

In the Spring of 2014, SPOTLITE Stage Company (student-run theater club) produced a full-length musical I wrote, in the black box theater. At the time it was performed, it was titled Stage Kiss, but it has now been renamed to Sean Gibbs’ STAGE KISS.

It was received well by audiences (I believe some of you even got to see it–Lindsay Sporleder was the female lead in it) and we were able to have the opening song sung at the opening of a San Jose City Council Meeting where we received a Commendation Award from the City of San Jose/Chuck Reed on this accomplishment and show. 

It was also the first full-length musical this club had ever done, and was the first in many years in which the entire theater department had a full-length musical put on.

I have now gone on to publishing the show–after hiring and working with a SJSU Music Major to arrange and create the show’s sheet music–and will be hosting a Publishing Promotion Party for the musical on December 3rd at the Student Union Theater!

We will be celebrating the accomplishment, as well as having a Cabaret Night of the show, displaying and showcasing the show’s songs–in order to promote the show to hopefully get it picked up by a local high school in the next year.

I wanted to go ahead and extend an invitation to you all, to join us in this fun night of entertainment and the celebration of its publishing. It will be a Premiere/Red Carpet themed event, with a photo backdrop and all of the show’s logo! We will also be having Pitch Please singing in the beginning of the event, a male all-voice singing group on campus, which will be a fun element to the event!

Overall, a performance/theater/music/arts evening!

Tickets are FREE and can be found at:

Show Info:

We have 300 seats to fill, and I want to try and get as full a house as we can! So, feel free to come with family/friends/colleagues and to share with any interested students you may have. : )

I would love to see some of you there! 

Michael Marlin White

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