Kaucher Mitchell Mathis-Swanson Celebrates 122nd Event

KMMS_122Beverly Mathis-Swanson writes:

After a thrilling, chilling and stunning performance by Lauren Doyle, Kaucher Mitchell Mathis-Swanson finalists: Elizabeth Gibbons, Roslyn Murtha, Megan Ashley Johansen, William Gaoiran Jr., Cheyenne Ismailciuc, Jessica Jay, Jessica Osegueda, Victor Pham, Joseph Soto-Hockenberry, and Mandy Tamrocked the house! Sanchez Michaels was fabulous with his legendary performance, as Lauren Doyle gracefully lead the packed house through our 122nd. event. Congratulations to all and our winners: Roslyn Murtha andJessica Osegueda! Keep on rockin’ on, all y’ all! Cheers!

Kudos to The Bev, all her students, finalists, and winners!

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