Professor Babak Sarrafan Becomes New Adobe Education Leader

Babak Sarrafan at work

Babak Sarrafan at work

Congratulations to Professor Babak Sarrafan, who’s been selected to serve a two-year term as Adobe Education Leader.  Adobe Systems has recognized the work that Babak does as innovative on a global scale, with potential to influence others within and beyond San José State University.

AEL Coordinator Daniela Birch writes,

“At Adobe we look to our AELs to engage with us to help refine a vision of effective technology use that can enhance learning and scholarship in education environments. We encourage them to explore innovative educational solutions with the tools and training we provide, and to share their discoveries through publication, training their peers, or presenting to the broader education community. Being part of this program puts Babak in regular touch with educators around the world. Our AELs can share and learn innovative practices that may benefit them as they work in their current roles.  We congratulate you on having such an accomplished educator on your staff, and encourage you take a look at the work that makes Babak a leader in educational technology use.  You can find more information about the individuals in the AEL program at”

Please stop by Babak’s office or make a point to congratulate him on this impressive achievement!

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