SJSU Students WINNERS in Screenwriting at 2014 CSU Media Arts Festival

Professor Scott Sublett writes, “In the feature film category of the CSU Media Arts Festival, there are only three finalists this year–and they’re all ours! So I guess we’ll place 1-2-3 AGAIN this year! The only suspense is WHICH SJSU student will win. See below for the full list. Note that one of the students is from the MFA Creative Writing Program. Congratulations to all our amazing screenwriting students, and to our other writing faculty, Barnaby and David! This will be the seventh year in a row SJSU takes first in feature screenwriting. Hooray for us!”

And Professor Sublett was right: Here are the results and congratulations to all!!!

Rosebud Award – 1st Place
End of the Vine     Megan Hart and Megan Lawton     San Jose State University

Rosebud Award – 1st Place
White Rabbit     Michael Quintana     San Jose State University
2nd Place
Porcelain     Chau Nguyen     San Jose State University
3rd Place
EM     Cassia Homann     San Jose State University

<2014 CSU Media Arts Festival Finalist List.pdf>

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