TRFT Graduate Starts Career at Filipino Channel (Offers Internships)

Ricky Delinger

Ricky Delinger scored a position as a Production Coordinator at ABS-CBN International for The Filipino Channel based in Redwood City, CA. He is now paying back by providing internships to our programs.

He writes, 

“I’m emailing you because, through San Jose State’s classes and the guidance of the department’s professors, I was able to successfully take my first step in to the “real world” carrying with me fundamental skills and experiences in film and television production which in turn landed me a job. For this I thank you and all the professors in SJSU’s TRFT department that have given me the knowledge and courage to pursue my career. 

Now I want to extend my thanks by inviting current TRFT students in your internship class this semester, or next semester, who are interested in utilizing the knowledge that they have gained in SJSU and implementing it in a professional setting here in The Filipino Channel’s television station.

We are always looking for interns to support us in our entertainment shows and daily newscast. 

Adobo Nation is one of our entertainment shows that we produce and tape here in Redwood City. It highlights Filipino American culture through food, fashion, health, finance, etc.
We are always eager to help interns learn how to produce segments for the show and as well as learn technical aspects while taping the show in our studio.

Balitang America is our daily newscast catered to the Filipino American community that we tape every weekday afternoon at 12:30PM. We always welcome students who are interested in news production from writing to Electric News Gathering to be part of the news team.

Also, Lifestyle Network, another television channel of ABS-CBN is soon to produce new shows that interns can be part of during pre-production planning.

An internship here in The Filipino Channel studio can be a stepping stone for TRFT students in SJSU to enhance further their production knowledge and gain more professional experience in order ready themselves post graduation opportunities.

If you know of any students in your classes who are interested in being part of any of the shows please let me know 🙂 “


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