Student Tim Garcia Featured on SJSU’s Honors List

In 2014, San José State University will honor 353 President’s Scholars and 3,192 Dean’s Scholars. Tim Garcia made the Dean’s scholar list and has been featured by interview on SJSU’s honors Web site.

When asked the question: “Who has been influential in your life and/or who has contributed to your academic success?”

Tim responded,

Professor Laura Long’s dedicated and pivotal role as an insightful beacon of professional and personal guidance, artistic growth, nourishing tutelage, and compassionate authenticity continues to inspire me in transcending new heights as both an artist and human being; encouraging me to seek, discover and convey truthful and stirring theatrical portrayals, and to celebrate, believe and love the art within myself. To this day, Professor Long remains profoundly instrumental in my continued artistic endeavors and success as a college graduate.

In addition, Professor Karl Toepfer’s unwavering encouragement and motivational counseling, ranging from guidance during intensive research project studies to exploring uncharted media territories, has instilled energizing affirmations concerning the scope of my unique talents, skills and potential.

Tim Garcia’s entire interview is here. 

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